DIY Mini Dream Catcher

This mini dream catcher is the perfect addition to any boho gift wrapping, or to hang on your Christmas tree for a little bohemian sparkle!  They're gorgeous, and super easy to make!

What you'll need:

  • Cheap bracelets - (mine were £1 for 6 from Primark)
  • Scissors
  • Assorted beads and charms
  • String
  • Feathers
  • Superglue
 Step One:

Put a dot of superglue on your bracelet, and stick down one end of your string.  Begin wrapping bracelet all the way around until completly covered.

I alternated the colour of my string to make it more interesting, but keep it simple if you want!
 Step Two:

Once its completly covered, take a length of string and tie it to the top of your hoop.

 Step Three:

Begin trying your string around the hoop at regular intervals.  I find 8 anchor points work well.
 It should look something like this.

 Step Four:

(This bit looks complicated, but stick with me!)

Take the string and tie a knot half way along the first section.

 Step Five:

Now take the string and tie a knot half way along the next section.

Step Six:

Continue on to the next section.  You should start to see this triangle pattern appearing.
 Step Seven:

Continue working around the circle adding beads as you go.
 Step Eight:

Keep going until you are happy with the size.

(This is as small as I could get it until my stubby fingers couldn't tie any smaller knots!)

Add a dot of superglue to the final knot so it doesn't come undone when you cut the loose end.
 Step Nine:

It's time to decorate!  If your feathrs are too big, you can cut them down to size.
Take the top half of the feather and trim the sides down a bit to make a new quill end.
 Step Ten:

Put a dot of glue on the quill of the feather and wrap with string.  Then tie to the bottom of your dream catcher.
 Step Eleven:

Continue adding feathers, beads, charms etc until you are happy with how it looks. 

Add whatever you want at this point, ribbons, lace and pom poms look great too.
 Step Twelve:

Make a loop of string for hanging.

Pass the loop through the top of the dream catcher.

Pass the loop through itself and pull tight.

And you're done! Woohoo!

These look great attached to presents, or make loads and hang them on your Christmas tree! 

A gold, sparkly version would be amazing as a tree decoration.

I'd love to see what you come up with.  Tag me @beckystarsmore on Instagram so I can see what you create!


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