DIY Gold Whale Lino Print

These metallic embossed whale prints are easy to make, and make a great handmade gift. The best part is that once you've made your stamp, you can print as many as you like!

I bought all of the materials needed for this project from Hobbycraft in the UK. If you're a keen crafter you may already own most of these items!

You will need:
  • Heavy card or thick paper.
  • Stamping block.
  • Lino tile.
  • Heat gun.
  • Embossing ink.
  • Embossing powder.-
  • Lino cutter.
  • Pencil.
 Step One:

Sketch out your design on a lino tile. If you're not confident freehand drawing straight on to your tile, trace your design from paper or draw around a stencil instead.

Remember to draw your design back to front, as it will be mirrored when its printed.

Step Two:

Begin cutting your design out of your tile with your lino cutter.

You can either carve out the background to give a textured effect like in this photo, or if you'd rather have a clean print, cut out your shapes with a craft knife instead, and just carve out the details.

Make sure you're cutting away from yourself!

Step Three:
Mount your tile, or individual pieces on to a clear stamping block. I use double sided tape for this so its easy to change designs and reuse the block.

Step Four:

Apply embossing ink all over your design and quickly stamp on to your card.

You need to apply a lot of pressure at the point. I find I don't get a good enough print by just pressing the block with my hands, so I put it on a hard floor and kneel on it instead. Who said crafting was glamorous!

Step Five:

Once you've got a good ink stamp, apply your embossing powder to the wet ink and shake the excess back in to the pot to use again. (Tipping it on to a folded piece of scrap paper is the easiest way to get it back in the pot!)

I love the metallic gold and bronze powders, but there are so many colours to choose from.

Step Six:

Now the really fun bit! Let your heat gun warm up for a few seconds, then move slowly over your design. You'll see the powder start to melt and go shiny.

Be careful not to over heat your card as it can cause it to curl. The heavier the card the better to avoid warping.
Step Seven:

If your card has warped at all, just place it on a flat surface and pile some heavy books on top. It should flatten out after a few hours.

Now you just need to wrap up or frame your print!

There are loads of colour combinations you can try, below are a few of my favourites.

If you have a go at this project, I'd love to see what you come up with. Tag me @beckystarsmore on Instagram so I can see your work.

Happy crafting!

Love Becky xx


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